The End Of Gambling Sponsorships for Pro Teams?


The End Of Gambling Sponsorships for Pro Teams?

As reported today by the r/globaloffensive Reddit Valve has advised Pro teams that they are to cease accepting sponsorships from gambling / betting related websites in a move that may have been in the works for quite a while.

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Valve advised today the professional teams to stop accepting sponsorship from any gambling website. However, as many of the teams have already signed long terms contracts with such companies, it is unsure when and how these contracts must be ended. The contracts issue was raised by one of the team managers today at the meeting, but it was said that more detailed discussion on this topic will be held “later.”

As the quote states, many professional organisations have entered long-term arrangements with betting related companies as well as large non-valve tournaments also in partnership with many betting related organisations.

Betting in Main Stream Sports

Gambling, in general, has long been apart of certain cultures, however many countries have restricted or even flat-out prohibited the advertisement of any gambling related content during sporting matches & live events.

One example that springs to mind is Australia’s recent move to ban gambling advertisements during the broadcast of Live sports, as stated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority:

“The new restrictions on gambling advertising supplement existing rules about gambling advertising during live sport and significantly enhance community safeguards during times when children are part of the audience,”

This was not without significant opposition from many companies & lobbyists.

Valves history with CS:GO Betting

Valve’s recent move hasn’t been without prior controversy, in 2016 a massive scandal involving website CSGOlotto arguably one of the largest CS:GO gambling websites at the time brought the grey market of skin betting to the light of the mainstream media.

This scandal ultimately led to a massive change in the CS:GO gambling landscape as a whole with Valve imposing restrictions on the way users could buy / sell & trade skins.

What Valve is imposing on teams could largely impact the landscape of CS:GO as a whole, do you agree with Valve’s move? Let us know in the comments below.

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