ESEA accused of double charging users

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ESEA accused of double charging customers

ESEA is an esports community with some of the best anti-cheats available in the community. They provide third-party matchmaking services which are used by several customers in the community. However, as a company, ESEA has been involved in several controversies.

A recent topic which saw the third party service being accused of double charging their customers has brought a lot of negative feedback for the company. Ultimately ESEA has announced refunds are available to wronged users on filing a support ticket. It was a technical problem which led to Paypal double charging users on ESEA’s behalf.

ESEA users are being double chargedĀ 

A Reddit post accuses ESEA of double charging their customers. The service charges a fixed monthly fee of their customers to provide efficiency and superiority of their matchmaking system. There is an increasing number of users active on these third-party matchmaking services.

ESEA is double charging their customers for the monthly subscription. A few images posted on Reddit verify these claims as Turtle Entertainment Online Inc., the parent company of ESEA has been charging $6.95 twice a month.

Multiple users have reported this double charging which is definitely a cause of concern for users of the service. They are already becoming the second best third-party matchmaking service having lost the lead to FaceIT. However, unfair practices and ethically questionable tasks in the past have led to a poor name for ESEA.

ESEA statement

ESEA has claimed ignorance of the issue and has reiterated that they had no idea about the abnormalities in payments. The service claims that they use Paypal to charge customers and any duplicate payment charges are actually Paypal’s fault. You can read their full statement below :

This was brought to our attention several days ago and we have been actively investigating it since.

We immediately contacted PayPal’s technical team who we have been working closely with to identify the cause and work to remedy the issue. We have identified that this occurs when the primary payment method used for the user’s ESEA subscription is declined. In this case, PayPal will automatically attempt to charge the payment method until it is successful.

Sometimes, this takes longer than the period we give all ESEA user accounts to submit a payment in order to continue their subscription. Once the grace period is exceeded, ESEA removes the Premium/Insider status of the account and considers the account available for payment again.

Unfortunately, in some edge cases, users authorized an additional recurring payment in an attempt to restore their subscription. This may include the user adding a new payment method or updating their previous payment method in their PayPal account, allowing a successful charge. After doing so, PayPal will eventually continue to charge the original recurring payment, which previously failed. This can, in some cases, result in multiple recurring payments for the user’s ESEA account.

Our technical teams are working in coordination with PayPal to resolve this, as well as terminating duplicate recurring payments that users may have active. Our initial investigation yields approximately 1-2% of our users may be experiencing this.

What to do if you believe you are impacted?

Open a support ticket, here, and you will be promptly refunded:

Information on cancelling duplicate recurring payments (and viewing your current ones), here:

We will continue to provide more details as needed via the sticky post on the ESEA forums. ESEA regrets the inconvenience this has caused for our users, and want to ensure everyone that we have no way to bill you without your consent. We will continue to work on resolving this and would like to apologize to anyone affected.

It’s not a new Issue, ESEA was notified years ago

It does seem that the double charging of money was an unintended action and actually just a technical problem. However, ESEA was notified about the same several months ago ( 2016 to be specific). They were well aware of the issue and despite repeated threads and complaints on ESEA forums, they have chosen to ignore it till now.

A Reddit user named Mucfry posted this image of a support ticket on ESEA. He had notified the service in August 2016 about the issue of double charging for the subscription. While his individual issue was fixed, the underlying problem was not.

With the recent community uproar about the issue of double payment, ESEA finally woke up. They took it upon themselves to contact Paypal and fix the issue of double charging for the payments.

The onus of issuing a refund should be on ESEA rather than the user.

ESEA have urged their customers to raise a ticket in order to receive refunds for any potential payment problems. However, for many users, the spending of a few bucks a month is not a big amount. Many users would have hardly noticed this amount being drained from their accounts. They are hard working individuals who often have enough to notice the small amount.
Posting a return policy on Reddit definitely does not seem to be indulging their core customer base. Most of the user complaints about ESEA double charging prior to the Reddit thread have been on the official ESEA forums. ESEA should be posting a front page thread about the double charging of their service via Paypal. In addition to this, they should urge their customers to check if they have been wrongly charged.

Finally, as a business, ESEA does have the option of refunding any customer who has been double charged without him raising a ticket. In this era of computers and readily available technology, refunding a payment is not a hassle. ESEA can easily check the dates and the amounts obtained and refund the amount to the effects persons.


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