Are ESEA player numbers falling?

ESEA Player numbers down

 Are ESEA player numbers falling?

Are ESEA player numbers falling? A post from Reddit user Rabitzeka outlined a very in-depth post assessing ESEA’s latest player numbers.

The post goes into depth outlining ESEAs alleged algorithm changes stating ESEA are trying to make their ” dying numbers look prettier”

ESEA forum

You can view the full forum post here.

ESEA Questionable Business Decisions

It’s common knowledge that there has been a series of questionable business decisions from the ESEA group.

Most notably, there have been recent reports of ESEA double charging its users where users were being charged double the $6.95 monthly for the platform the report stems from multiple users accounts.

A public statement was released from the company outlining the double payment issue was down to a “Technical fault”

This was brought to our attention several days ago and we have been actively investigating it since.

We immediately contacted PayPal’s technical team who we have been working closely with to identify the cause and work to remedy the issue. We have identified that this occurs when the primary payment method used for the user’s ESEA subscription is declined. In this case, PayPal will automatically attempt to charge the payment method until it is successful.

Sometimes, this takes longer than the period we give all ESEA user accounts to submit a payment in order to continue their subscription. Once the grace period is exceeded, ESEA removes the Premium/Insider status of the account and considers the account available for payment again.

Unfortunately, in some edge cases, users authorized an additional recurring payment in an attempt to restore their subscription. This may include the user adding a new payment method or updating their previous payment method in their PayPal account, allowing a successful charge. After doing so, PayPal will eventually continue to charge the original recurring payment, which previously failed. This can, in some cases, result in multiple recurring payments for the user’s ESEA account.

Our technical teams are working in coordination with PayPal to resolve this, as well as terminating duplicate recurring payments that users may have active. Our initial investigation yields approximately 1-2% of our users may be experiencing this.

However, this issue has been dated back to as early as 2016.

Online Users vs Users Playing

The Reddit posts outline the fact that ESEA are obscuring their true active player numbers by obscuring the amount of players in-game and rather opting for users that are simply online, as seen in the screenshots below:

ESEA Player numbers
ESEA player numbers prior to the “playing” fix
ESEA player online post fix
After the reimplementation of the “users playing” stat












As we can see from the screenshots above, there is a clear variation of players who are actually active on the platform, a stark comparison to a few years ago in what was arguably the platforms peak years.

However, it may not be all bad news, although users argue FACEIT may be capturing significant market share from ESEA, Google Trends data supports a different argument.

FACEIT vs ESEA google trends

As we can see above, although ESEA search interest has dropped around 30% from its peak from early February this year, FACEIT has some significant catching up to do if they are wanting to equal ESEA in popularity.

Historical Controversy

This isn’t the first time that ESEA has been involved in controversy, as Reddit user Shy_Guy_1919 pointed out there has been a range of even more business decisions that range from not only questionable but also downright insulting.

Reddit user ESEA

Whats next for ESEA

Amongst ESEA’s questionable business practices, they still remain one of the premier leagues for CS:GO, however that’s not to say that their arent other reputable leagues catching up, including FACEIT.

ESEA need to make a shift in practice, putting their users first if they are to remain as one of the premier CS:GO leagues, gathering support from not only professional players but more importantly the community is a very important step, as currently, things aren’t looking too favourable.

We hope ESEA can make amends with its player base and offer new incentives to ensure things stay running the way they once were.


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