ESL Pro League Season 7 Prize Distribution revealed

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ESL Pro League Season 7 Prize Distribution revealed

More details about the prize distribution for ESL Pro league Season 7 are now in the public domain. ESL Pro League remains one of the most coveted and well-known leagues in Counter Strike. With the online league culminating in a LAN environment, the ESL Pro League is generally seen as the end of a Counter Strike Season. It helps that it aligns itself with the CS GO Majors, which are the other milestone in the Counter Strike calendar.

ESL Pro League Season 7 has a total Prize pool of 1 million Dollars. The Prize pool covers all the regions for Season 7. The various regions for Season 7 are :

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • APAC

ESL Pro League Season 7

The Seventh season of ESL Pro League Finals will be held at the Verizon Theatre in Dallas. The LAN finals hold a Prize pool of $750,000 and feature Sixteen teams participating in the LAN playoffs.

The Pro League finals will be held from 14th May till the 20th of May 2018. It will be the perfect ending to a wonderful season which has not seen a team dominate the proceedings. The next CS GO Major is the FaceIT major in London. It will be truly a spectacle for the viewers and attendees.

The ESL Pro League finals are the culmination of months of hard work, with teams vying for the title of best in their region as well as being crowned the Season 7 champions. The road to Dallas will be grueling as we witness twenty six of the best teams from North America and Europe play over 314 matches to qualify for the finals in the Verizon Theatre where they will get the chance to prove their worth in front of thousands of fans.

The ESL Pro League – Exclusive to Facebook

The event will be streamed exclusively on Facebook. The exclusive streaming rights created a lot of controversy when they were announced to the community. People had reservations regarding using Facebook as a streaming platform. However, more importantly the community was not ready to let go of Twitch, which has been the primary streaming platform for CS GO.

Ofcourse there are several factors which need to be considered while organising a tournament. The financials of organising an event are complicated and without an exclusive streaming deal in place, it becomes difficult. However, we have seen other Tournament organisers choose Twitch as their preferred streaming platform.

Choosing Facebook as their streaming platform has always been a very controversial decision for ESL. The exclusive streaming deal covers only ESL One events and ESL Pro League. These are the marquee events for ESL and we have seen their viewership numbers drop drastically. But Facebook continues to improve their platform and with time, we can hope that the community will welcome Facebook into esports streaming.

Prize Pool Distribution

The recent announcement lays out the Distribution of the Prize money amongst the participating teams. The $1,000,000 prize pool is for the entire League which includes the online as well as the offline part of the league.

Around one quarter of the entire Prize pool is reserved for the teams which fail to qualify for the LAN finals in Dallas. This includes team placing 8th-14th in the European online portion, 7th-12th in the North American online portion, and 3rd-8th in the Asia Pacific offline placing 8th-14th in the European online portion, 7th-12th in the North American online portion, and 3rd-8th in the Asia Pacific offline qualifier.

Here are the Prize Distribution for the various regions in ESL Pro League Season 7:

ESL Pro League Europe:

The European division for ESL Pro League includes teams such as Astralis, EnVyUs, Faze Clan, Fnatic, Mousesports, NIP, etc. This region is by far the strongest region in terms of pure talent.

1-7: LAN Finals

8: $18,000

9: $17,000

10: $16,000

11: $15,000

12: $14,000

13: $13,000

14: $12,000

ESL Pro League North America:

The North American division has a huge fan following. The LAN finals will be held in Dallas & there will be local support for the NA teams. The top six teams make it to the LAN finals. Liquid, SK Gaming and Cloud9 hold the hope for the North American region.

1-6: LAN Finals

7: $17,000

8: $16,000

9: $15,000

10: $14,000

11: $13,000

12: $12,000


ESL Pro League APAC:

The development of Counter Strike in the Asia-Pacific region is of utmost importance. ESL has been hosting local tournaments in many of these countries for several years. Over the years, we have seen surprise performances by the Asian and Chinese teams. But these performances have been a rarity and the region has not thrown up any strong team in quite some time.

1-2: Finals

3-4: $12,000

5-6: $9,500

7-8: $7,500

The winner of the ESL Pro League South American division will receive a direct invite to the LAN finals. There is no prize money allocated to the other participants in the region

Ofcourse the teams that qualify for the LAN Finals will receive a minimum of $20,000 irrespective of their placing at Dallas.

Prize pool Distribution for ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals:

  1. $250,000
  2. $110,000

3-4. $55,000

5-6. $32,000

7-8. $24,000

9-12. $22,000

13-16. $20,000

This is the first time that ESL Pro League has expanded to South America. There are several players coming from South American region and making it to the top of the Counter Strike leaderboards. SK Gaming is one of the best teams in the world and their recent roster change makes them an even stronger team. They are widely regarded as a potential to win the FaceIT London Major.

ESL Pro League Season 7 will be streamed exclusively on Facebook. You can also watch the livestream on the official webpage.


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