FNS Released Just Two Months After Signing


FNS Released from Cloud 9 Just Two Months After Signing

After only a short two months, Cloud 9 have designated Pujan “FNS” Metha as part of their inactive roster, pending removal from the C9 squad HLTV reports.

After a disappointing run in the Dreamhack Masters Marseille where the Cloud 9 Squad placed 5th-8th and two shock early exits in IEM Sydney & ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals, the roster change was said to be prompted by a result of “differences in philosophies” between FNS and the existing Cloud 9 squad which proved to be “too great” to form any sort of cohesion between the new roster.


What does this mean for Cloud 9

After the departure of Stewie2k to SK Gaming, Cloud 9 have failed to deliver any sort of memorable performances, similar to what we saw during their win at ELEAGUE Boston 2018. Cloud 9’s FNS pickup was a result of hasty decision making rather than any well thought out planning.

In terms of who we can see Cloud 9 picking up next? it’s reported that Cloud 9 may have their eyes on G2‘s Dan “apEX” Madesclaire and Nathan “NBK-“ Schmitt. To fill the empty role, with Tarik taking the role of IGL for the ECS Season 5 Finals, which are set to begin on June 8 for the time being.


History of FNS



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