Gambit Release Seized Mir Picked Up On Trial

Gambit Release Seized Mir Picked Up On Trial

May 28th 2018

It’s official, Gambit esports have parted ways with former Natus Vincere played Denisseized” Kostin after several disappointing performances during the past couple of months. Gambit have now looked to former Vega Squadron player  Nikolay mir Bityukov as a replacement for the Russian on a short-term trial, with his future pending the organisations results in the coming months.

Bityukov has been out of action since around early April, after being placed on Vega Squadrons transfer list after several shaky performances from the lineup.

Gambit now have a tough road ahead of them, with Starseries i-league Season 5 beginning today where they will face their first opponent in AVANGAR who they have failed to beat in previous months, losing abysmally 16-4 (Train) & 16-12 (Mirage).

This move sees Dosia step into the in-game leader role.


Whats Next For Seized?

After a less than spectacular departure from Natus Vincere, we’ve seen what seems to be an exact repeat with Seized’s recent departure from NaVi. We are still awaiting news from what Seized may do next after this was posted on his twitter.

We eagerly await what might be next for the young Russian player, with plenty of options out there for him to field it will be just a matter of time before we see Seized back in action with a new squad.

The Mir Effect

Arguably one of the most skilled players in the entire CIS region, Mir’s time at Vega Squadron showcased some of his best performances, averaging a 1.18 rating on LAN along with assisting Vega Squadron to reach the PGL Major (Krakow) as well as win, not one but two back to back China Top Events.

For Gambit, acquiring Mir is a massive step forward into returning themselves to their once former glory.

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