Lerk0 takes over IGL role for NIP

Dennis NiP

Lerk0 takes over IGL role for NIP

As reported by HLTV, Jonas Lekr0 Olofsson former Fnatic superstar has taken over the in-game leader responsibilities for Ninjas in Pyjamas, from Fnatic’s other former roster mate  Dennis Dennis” Edman who had assumed the role of IGL at NiP since his arrival.

In an interview with Dot eSports Dennis was asked about the IGL situation:

When asked about the team and the pressure of qualifying, Dennis assured that NiP isn’t “really feeling any pressure at all.” In fact, it’s because they’ve shifted the in-game leading role from Dennis to Lekr0. For a youngster like Lekr0, who’s been at the top of Swedish CS:GO ever since 2016, it must be a huge change in scenery when competing at the upper echelons of Counter-Strike.

“It’s more like we want to qualify a lot, but still there’s no pressure,” Dennis said. “We’ve changed quite a lot since [ESL One] Cologne, actually. I’m no longer in-game leader. That’s Lekr0 nowadays. So that’s our biggest change. I’m going to go back to what I was doing before—just fragging, doing plays.” – dotesports.com

NiPs poor results

Prior to Lekr0’s arrival at NiP, the team had produced some very poor performances, most notably their run at ESL One Cologne where the team went out after just two matches, picking up a total of 11 rounds from three maps – (source: hltv.org)

ESL one Cologne


Lekr0 will be leading the new and improved NiP roster to what hopefully could be a top placing finish when the Europe Minor kicks off this Thursday, should the NiP roster make it past the minor it would be the first major the team has attended in the past two years, so all eyes are on Lekr0 to lead his team to a first-place finish.

History of Jonas “Lekr0” Olofsson

Originally appearing on the CS:GO scene back in 2015 for team Publiclir.se, Lekr0 has had achieved a plethora of success in CS:GO with four 1st place finishes over the span of his career, most notably the Europe Minor Championship – Atlanta 2017 back in 2016 for team GODSENT, as well as Team Ancient’s (who would later form GODSENT) first-place finish at Pantamera 2.0.

We wish Lekr0 all the best in his new role as NiP’s IGL!


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