Na’Vi need to adjust to a future without a godlike S1mple performance

Natus Vincere probably has the best CS GO player on their active roster. But despite this, the CIS team is not the best team in the world. On the contrary, they are quite inconsistent in their performances. How can a team with the best player in the world, along with several other talented players be so far behind the others?

There is a huge difference between Na’Vi with S1mple firing on all cylinders and a Na’Vi with ‘just about average’ S1mple. The two teams seem very different in form and definitely the lack of results without S1mple is telling.

S1mple – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

S1mple has a rich history of being the ‘best’ player in whatever team he plays on. The biggest problem to his inclusion on the big stage, however, was his attitude. Known to be extremely toxic and not a team player, S1mple developed a bad name for himself. But the results and performance were always visible. The general consensus around the player was rash, arrogant yet extremely talented.

The player moved to Na’Vi in 2016 and vowed to call this his home for the rest of his career. He has seen significant improvement in his statistics while on Na’Vi, but the bigger change has been in his approach to the game. No longer is he the aggressive and at times toxic player. Playing with veterans in the Natus Vincere team has taught him the lesson of humility, but it has only sought to improve his individual performance.

Sadly the same cannot be said about the rest of the team as they still feel out of his league when it comes to firepower. The numerous Reddit posts showcasing the huge lead that S1mple has over his teammates suggest the same.

Constant improvement throughout the years

S1mple has only improved his performance throughout the years. The player has been probably the only contender for the title of the best player in the world. Over the past few months, there has not really been any competition to the player and his individual performance. Na’Vi as a team still lacks the dominance expected off a team which includes the best player in the world.

Just looking at their performance over the past few years, we can see how the player’s worst performance is also better than 80% of the CS GO pro player base. He maintains himself above a 1.0 KDA but there are always the bursts in his performance. He is on the verge of reaching 1.4 rating in the current year.

The insane peak of this player is what makes him the single biggest threat to any team. Na’Vi as a team might not be in the best of form, but S1mple’s insane performances can essentially result in a win for Na’Vi, even against the best team in the world. S1mple is an all-around player who has shown his efficiency with the AWP as well as the rifle. His ability to be extremely effective irrespective of his weapon of choice makes him a valuable asset to the team.

Ofcourse Na’Vi has not always realized his full potential by giving him the weapons in a force buy. We have seen S1mple being on the pistols, while a few of his teammates can be on the guns. It does not make sense from a viewer’s perspective, but Na’Vi has always reiterated that they want to build a team rather than be led by a superstar performance from S1mple.

Team Tactics need to assume a mediocre S1mple

But when S1mple does not perform at his ‘GodLike levels’ Na’Vi falters. Their recent loss to Team Liquid is definitely a good example of the situation. S1mple did have a decent performance, which would be called good in any other team. However, when S1mple is not carrying the team’s performance on his shoulders Na’Vi look extremely different. They do have Electronic, who is considered another upcoming talent in the region. But the lack of firepower on the Na’Vi roster is evident.

S1mple bottom-fragging
Na’Vi need to prepare for a time when S1mple cannot keep up his Godlike performances

Prior to their Team Liquid loss, Na’Vi did face a similar situation against Faze Clan. S1mple had a bad performance ( by his standards) in this match, but the rest of the Na’Vi squad was able to step it up and win the series. Ofcourse Faze’s poor performance at ESL Pro league LAN finals is a deciding factor and might have played a role in the Na’Vi success.

The bottom line of this article is Na’Vi need to figure out a way to be consistently good with an average S1mple performance on their team. They cannot realistically rely on S1mple to have Godlike performances throughout the year. It is just not feasible nor healthy for the team environment to be relying on S1mple.

Going forward, Na’Vi need to fix their issues

As we head into the future, with the FaceIT London Major just a few months away, Na’Vi is currently ranked #4 in the rankings. This ranking improvement has been on the back of S1mple’s insane form in the past few months. But if Na’Vi is to have any practical expectations from their CS GO roster for the Major, they need to cultivate complex strategies and better coordination on the team. Having Cache as the permanent veto does hurt, but it is not much different from the practices of other top Counter-Strike teams.

Having an In-Game Leader in the form of Zeus definitely calls for better strategies and more team play. Over the years, S1mple has been molded to be humble and more team oriented. If Na’Vi does not use this to their advantage, then their results cannot be taken seriously. Na’Vi will participate in the StarSeries I-League Season 5 which will start on May 28th, 2018.

Author: Jack Steele

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