What does Olofmeister’s return mean for FaZe?


What does Olofmeister’s return mean for FaZe?

As reported by HLTV, Olof “Olofmeister” Kajbjer makes his return for the all-star FaZe lineup after a significant four month lay off after taking a leave of absence in early April due to “personal reasons”

During Olof’s absence, we’ve seen FaZe prosper utilising former Dignitas powerhouse Jorgen “Cromen” Robertsen, too much success gathering semifinal finishes at ECS Season 5, ESL One Cologne as well as winning the title at ESL One Belo Horizonte.

Was FaZe thinking about scraping Olofmeister?

During an interview with HLTV, FaZe captain Finn “Karrigan” Andersen sat down with HLTV to discuss all things FaZe when the topic of Olofmesiters absence was brought up, here’s how he responded:

I know the stuff with olofmeister is very personal, but there’s been some talk about his latest leave of absence having to do with something different than what it initially was. What can you tell me about that?

I can’t really say much. It’s up to FaZe and olof how they want to communicate it. We just hope he does come back, we have no idea when it’s gonna be. Obviously, we have to focus on ECS and Belo Horizonte and then we’ll have to see what we’re going to do for ESL Cologne and ELEAGUE, and then the player break comes, and then, a lot of things can change within a few days.

But it’s definitely something you have to think about then, replacing olofmeister completely?

Yeah, we have to think about after Belo Horizonte how we want to attack the last two events, and then there’s also the Major restriction coming into effect sometime in July, so we have to look into what our options are for the future.

Obviously, Olofmeisters absence put a huge strain on the FaZe roster which may have resulting in mounting pressure for Karrigan and Co, to produce a more permanent solution, but we can only speculate, however, it seems things are back to normal now.

What lies ahead for FaZe

Such a lengthy period of absence for arguably one of the key all-stars in the FaZe lineup is bound to have some detrimental effects going into the ELEAGUE Premier. After producing some amazing results with Cromen we are going to need to see Olof pull off an extraordinary performance if they want to secure that $1,000,000 prize on offer.


It’s safe to expect that Olof knows this, however, the burning question is whether the four-month lay off has had any detrimental effects for the Swedish superstar, is what remains to be seen.

Provided Olof doesn’t produce the results needed, we can expect FaZe has some sort of insurance policy in Cromen being a free agent who has proven his ability beyond a shadow of a doubt.

We wish FaZe and Olofmeister the best in the upcoming ELEAGUE, against some stiff competition.

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