Prominent CSGO caster finds himself in a huge controversy

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Prominent CSGO caster finds himself in a huge controversy

One of the most well known Counter Strike Global Offensive Casters has walked right into a big controversy. Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett has been a part of the last five CS GO Majors. His talent and charisma on screen is undeniable and hard work definitely pays off.

But in last nights stream, the caster found himself in a difficult situation. It was a drunk AMA ( Ask Me Anything) stream. His replies to the questions, however are totally unacceptable. They ranged from racist statements to specifying methods of killing oneself.

The caster is clearly in an inebriated state but you can clearly hear him say the N word on stream. It is absolutely unacceptable to hear these words coming from a person who hold so much influence in the esports industry. The full VOD of the stream is no longer available, however nothing escapes the internet. There are several clips circulating throughout the internet ( but weirdly none on the Main Subreddit ).

However, he did not stop at that as there are multiple clips of yesterday’s stream. Another video clip shows him hoping that a person would ‘fucking die’. Sadokist would literally celebrate such an event.

In yet another tweet, Matthew is seen to be explaining how to kill yourself. Counter Strike is one of the most watched esports titles on Twitch. People regularly watch their favorite streamers on Twitch and celebrate them as role models. These comments and slurs by one of the most well known casters in Counter Strike is bound to cast a shadow on the entire community.

Censorship by Reddit Mods

Surprisingly none of these clips found themselves on the Counter Strike Global Offensive Subreddit. A gateway for all Counter Strike related news, the subreddit moderators have been cracking down on all posts about Sadokist. They do not provide any reasons for the removal.

There are several eminent personalities speaking up about the issue. Almost all of them have spoken up against the statements and comments. However, these are just a few and majority of the community’s players and talent have been surprisingly quiet on the issue. This is a serious topic and we hope to facilitate discussion on the same.

We leave you with a few tweets and the opinions on social media.


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