Sportsflare CSGO Betting Model Review

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Sportsflare CSGO Betting Model Review

Getting started in CSGO betting can be a difficult task, especially if you are just starting out. If you are new to CS:GO betting and are looking for an easy way to get started, Sportsflare is an amazing tool you can use to save you hours of research analysing CS:GO matches.

What is Sportsflare

As it states on the Sportsflare website:

Sportsflare is sports trading analytics tool that built with the purpose, to help users win more money. After observing the fundamental issues faced by countless sports traders some professional, some just your average everyday bettor, we  saw a fundamental flaw in the marketplace.

Long story short, Sportsflare helps you win more money betting on CS:GO matches, saving you hours upon hours of research analysing CS:GO games, this is especially useful in times of big tournaments.

What makes Sportsflare Unique

Sportsflare utilises what’s called machine learning or artificial intelligence to power it’s CS:GO predictions, what’s unique about machine learning is the fact that there is 0 human input (yes zero). Sportsflare’s machine learning model relies on countless hours of data that the model allegedly then utilises to provide high-quality CS:GO predictions with no human bias.

Why is human bias bad? we’ll humans, in general, aren’t exactly the best when it comes to making analytical decisions that means when it comes to sports betting,  we may tend to favour one team more than we should. Long term this could mean bad news for our betting bankroll.

How do I use Sportsflare

Using Sportsflare is a very simple process, to get started however there are few prerequisites.

  1. You must be signed up with a bookmaker: Sportsflare does not facilitate any bets as of yet, however, there is word that they will be integrating bookmakers into the platform, that being said you must be signed up to a bookmaker prior to utilising the Sportsflare model, should you want to bet. On the Sportsflare dashboard, you’ll find an Arcanebet signup bonus for 100 euro.
  2. You must be signed up to access the Sportsflare dashboard: Pretty self-explanatory but you can start the signup process via

Sportsflare Results

Sportsflare is very transparent in their models’ performance. A feature that was more recently added was the results page where you are able to see results ranging from 3 weeks to 12 weeks however at this time there are currently no odds implemented into the dashboard as of yet.

Sportsflare Results Page
Sportsflare 12 Week Results as of 5th Sept 2018

Initial Impressions

The team here at csgobettingreview have been testing Sportsflare for the past couple of weeks with some pretty great results,  overall Sportsflare has provided us with a return of 25+ units all whilst saving us time and energy looking into and analyzing games ourselves, although sceptical to start due to putting our complete trust into the model it’s safe to say we’ll be using Sportsflare for the long term.


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