Tarik’s Big Move to MIBR – What we Know

Tarik CS:GO

Tarik’s Big Move to MIBR – What we Know

In a shocking announcement made earlier this week via HLTV, it was reported Cloud 9 superstar  Tarik Tarik Celik has departed the Cloud 9 to potentially make the move to the newly acquired MIBR (Made In Brazil) roster, the announcement was also made via the Cloud 9 youtube channel:

What Prompted The Move?

As per an article originally posted by Dbltap which stated:

​North American organization Immortals is in discussions with Cloud9 player Tarik “tarik” Celik about joining Made in Brazil to replace Ricardo “boltz” Prass, according to multiple sources. Sources have explained MiBR is in disarray following its elimination over the weekend at ESL One Cologne.

It is unclear who Cloud9 would acquire should tarik depart. Recently acquired rifler Pujan “FNS” Mehta, while currently benched, is still under contract.

Representatives from MiBR declined comment. Cloud9 could not initially be reached for comment.

The move may come as no surprise to fans of both Cloud 9 and MIBR given the sheer inconsistency of both teams in their recent matchups coupled with the star power on both sides the results simply haven’t been delivered, which leads to the suspicion of Tarik wanting to revert back to some form of familiarity in Jake Stewie2k Yip.

It’s also worth noting that should this move to MIBR go through, it would mean that neither Cloud 9 nor MIBR would not have the possibility of making a roster moves until after the London Major in late September because of Valve‘s rule that at least three of five players on a Counter-Strike Major team’s starting roster must remain from the previous Major.

Language Factor

In recent times we’ve seen a big shift in the traditional CS:GO scene with European, North American & even Oceanic superstars make the jump cross-border to teams in other countries, this is a familiar concept with Jake “Stewie2k” Yip who originally made the move to SK Gaming in early 2018.

Originally a concern for the team and fans alike was the language barrier between the Brazillian Roster and the young NA superstar which had fans concerned:

Stewie2k move to SK

The move was later explained by Stewie2k in a video:


With the potential move of Tarik to MIBR, this adds another dynamic with the former Cloud 9 IGL a native English speaker, will the team be more reliant on English than ever? and how will this affect things like strat calls, timings etc, this all remains to be seen.

Where does this leave Cloud 9?

With the pending departure of Tarik, this leaves Cloud 9 in quite the tough spot, the current 3 man roster consists of:

Earlier in the year we also saw Cloud 9 pickup former CLG in-game leader FNS who currently remains transfer listed by the organisation, after several poor performances which prompted the removal, they were quoted saying:

The Roster change was said to be prompted by a result of “differences in philosophies” between FNS and the existing Cloud 9 squad which proved to be “too great” to form any sort of cohesion between the new roster.

With some big shoes to fill Cloud 9 can’t afford to lose the remaining three core players from the organisation without facing a plethora of different teething issues whilst the team tries to redevelop the cohesion that saw them win the major in spectacular fashion just only a few months ago.

We wish all players the best and are looking forward to some exciting developments in the near future.



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