Tyloo at Eleague


Tyloo at Eleague

Eleague has confirmed Flash Gaming to replace Tyloo at the upcoming Eleague Boston Major Qualifier. This will put an end to the confusion about Tyloo’s presence at Boston. The first Major of 2018 will be held in Boston and feature sixteen teams in the Major qualifier. Considered to be one of the two most prestigious events in CS GO, a Major appearance goes a long way in establishing the team name on the global stage.

Tyloo were recently unable to secure a player’s visa in order to attend the Eleague Boston major qualifier. The player in question is Hansel ‘BnTet’ Ferdinand who could not get his visa approved in time for the Eleague Major. This put Tyloo in a difficult situation since their only other option as a stand-in for the event was Peacemaker. Peacemaker was Tyloo’s coach during the Minor qualifiers and was listed as the sixth man on their roster. However negotiations with Peacemaker regarding the compensation did not materialize leaving Tyloo stranded with 4 members. The discussions broke down to such an extent that Tyloo preferred to opt out of the event in the end. It is definitely an unexpected ending for a team which qualified for the Major over other teams such as Flash Gaming and Renegades.

With Tyloo opting to not attend the Eleague Major due to unavailability of one of their players, it left Valve with the option to invite Flash Gaming, the team which secured third position in the Asia Minors. Flash Gaming has players who have previously attended tournaments in North America. A few weeks ago, they applied for their visas in order to enter USA. With their visa approved, Flash Gaming have now been announced as the replacement for Tyloo at the Major

P1 Visa – notorious for esports denial

The visa category required to enter USA is the P1A visa. It grants a special approval for sports athletes, which now include esports athletes. When Riot spearheaded the ‘watershed moment for esports’, it brought inclusion for esports athletes under the P1A scheme. However the specific category also grants visa officials the right to reject an application. This is based on their individual knowledge about esports, the specific player and the specific title as well.

Esports history is littered with examples of players being denied the visa due to lack of knowledge by the visa officer. There have been times when visa personnel use their own judgement to decide which esports title is a legitimate esports title or not. This is an issue that cannot be resolved anytime soon. The only way to solve this is to spread awareness about esports and the rules which recognizes esports as a sport.

Visa stamp travel passport immigration macro emigration

Tyloo – Peacemaker drama

Tyloo were the team invited to the Eleague Major Qualifiers, as a result of their placements in the Asia Qualifiers. The Chinese organisation however, was unable to secure a visa for one of their most influential players in BnTet.


With this setback threatening to thwart their Major appearance, Tyloo turned to the only person who could potentially stand-in for the team. The reason for Peacemaker being ‘the only person’ is because of the roster locks enforced by Valve and Eleague. ¬†Other teams have also faced problems with the roster lock rules such as SK Gaming. Tyloo’s options, however, were really limited in this case. Peacemaker was with Tyloo as their coach during their minor qualifiers and time of registration.


But things turned awry after Peacemaker potentially refused to accept a reduced settlement over the appearance. With Valve refusing to provide Peacemaker with his own sticker, it put him in a situation where he would not receive the potentially lucrative sticker money.

Sticker Money


This decision by Valve to release BnTet’s stickers instead of Peacemaker’s was a dealbreaker for Peacemaker. If he was to play in the Major qualifiers and potentially attend the major as a player for Tyloo, he expected his stickers to be on sale. This would provide him a significant monetary income for his appearance at the Major. However with Valve seemingly in no mood to release Peacemaker stickers, he bid farewell to any dreams of playing in the Major. It was not just about money, but adequate compensation for himself as a player and his time.


Peacemaker approached Tyloo to provide him with a monetary offering for his appearance as a Tyloo player. He asked for something equivalent to what he would receive from sticker money. But with Tyloo already deciding to pay its players a certain percentage of sticker money and prize pool, it proved to be a deal breaker.


This uncertainty about Tyloo’s presence and their subsequent withdrawal from the Major has driven up their Sticker price on the community market. The market prices for Tyloo stickers are fixed based on supply and demand which just points out the immense demand for the Tyloo stickers right now. They are the most expensive stickers on the market right now.

Flash Gaming


Flash Gaming came third in the Asia Minor Championships. They lost to Tyloo 1-2 in the lower bracket match after a grilling BO3 series. With some members of the former Tyloo roster in Flash, they lost out a narrow 14-16 in the final map of Cobblestone. Flash are not particularly considered strong in the Asian scene. Despite having the players that were the original superstars from the region, they have failed to maintain a high level of performance under their new organisation.

The Flash Gaming roster attending the Major is :

  • Summer
  • Karsa
  • Lovveyy
  • Attacker
  • Kaze

The team had initiated a few roster changes prior to their approval for the Major qualifiers. With the Major rules being set in stone regarding the roster lock process, Flash Gaming will have to play with the original roster that’s registered to play in the Minors. It will remain to be seen if they can qualify for Boston 2018.

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